Which Meditation Pillow Do I Need?

Written by:PaulJune 21, 2022

The Art of Sitting

Sitting is simple…right?

Like most aspects of meditation, simply achieving a relaxed, comfortable seated position is more complex than it first appears. That’s because entering a meditative state opens up our internal and external senses, which can sometimes lead to discomfort.

Mastering the art of sitting takes time, but it’s easier with the right meditation seat or cushion.

Have you been thinking about your seating when you should be focusing on your breath? It may be time for you to explore the benefits of cushions and seating designed specifically for meditation, prayer, and yoga.

Not sure which meditation cushion you need?

Florensi is here to help with everything you need to know about the four most popular forms of meditation seating.

Round Zafu Cushion

The round Zafu meditation cushion is by far the most popular way to add comfort to your meditation session. Zafu cushions originated in China but exploded in popularity in Japan amongst practitioners of Zen Buddhist meditation.

Loved for their versatility, Zafu cushions were traditionally filled with Kapok cotton. In modern times, buckwheat hulls are more common. This eco-friendly filling is actually the outer shell of buckwheat seeds and serves as an organic filling that will conform to the shape of your body without going flat.

When placed on a chair, the curved sides of the Zafu position your knees lower than your hips, setting your spine in a natural curve. When meditating on the floor, a Zafu will prevent your thighs from pressing too hard into your feet and ankles.

Zafu cushions are often placed on top of a larger Zabuton-style cushion (more on that in a moment) for increased comfort, especially in cross-legged poses. You’ll enjoy reduced joint stress, less numbness in your knees and ankles, and decreased lower back pain.

Florensi Zafu pillows feature a subtle zipper so you can open them up and adjust the number of buckwheat hulls inside to reach your desired fill level. They also feature a machine-washable cover, carry handle, and a memory foam foundation for added comfort.

You’ll no doubt find countless uses for your round Zafu cushion. Use it in your meditation space, yoga studio, or even when sleeping!

Zabuton Cushion

In search of extra support or just want a big, comfy cushion? Look no further than the Zabuton.

These spacious floor cushions have a history in Japan stretching back more than a thousand years and provide a perfect foundation for sitting, kneeling, and mindfulness meditation.

The legacy of the Zabuton is associated with basic floor sitting, though their use extends far beyond simple relaxation. Zabutons are often paired with round, Zafu-style cushions, especially during the practice of Zen Buddhist meditation.

The Florensi Zabuton meditation cushion is as simple as it is intuitive. Use it on its own or as a foundation for your round, Zafu cushion. This ultra-soft cushion has organic cotton filling and a sublime, machine-washable velvet cover for easy cleaning.

If you’re already using a round Zafu and need more padding and support, a Zabuton might be just what you’re looking for. Use them as elegant, traditional seating in a meditation sanctuary, yoga studio, classroom, or even your living room.

When in doubt, combine your Zafu and zabuton into the perfect meditation cushion set.

Crescent Cushion

The crescent-shaped meditation cushion is a modern take on the traditional circular Zafu cushion. On the surface, each serves the purpose of elevating your sit-bones above your knees for increased comfort during extended meditation sessions. The Crescent cushion offers a more dynamic seat, however.

All Zafus work to place your spine in a more natural curve while freeing your knees to ease into a more ergonomic position. The crescent-shaped pillow takes this a step further by opening your pelvis and freeing your hips.

Although crescent pillows provide more freedom and flexibility, they’re often not considered to be more comfortable. In fact, crescent cushions are frequently chosen specifically for the increased focus that their use requires. 

If you’re someone who dozes off during long meditation, the fractional extra effort required to stay balanced with a crescent will keep you awake for a longer period of time. This also applies to your legs and posterior, which are less likely to fall asleep on a crescent cushion.

Florensi crescent meditation cushions have all the features you love in the round cushion. These adjustable pillows are filled with 100% natural buckwheat hulls and have a 1-inch foam pad inside for organic support. They also feature an ultra-soft cover that can be removed for easy machine washing. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your round cushion or need to add comfort and support to your Zabuton, a crescent meditation cushion could be just what you need.

Meditation Bench

In need of more elevation in your meditation practice? A meditation bench may be just what you need to achieve inner peace. Popular in meditation studios, these backless seats are at home in yoga studios, living rooms, and even at tea ceremonies.

The Florensi meditation bench is far more than just a bench with a cushion. A 5-degree forward tilt allows you to sit in a Seiza position with your legs tucked underneath -- without needing to cross them. This results in a more ergonomic kneeling position.

You'll be able to say goodbye to the pins-and-needles sensation often experienced during lengthy sessions.

If cross-legged meditation is your thing, our sturdy bamboo meditation stools can easily accommodate a lotus or half-lotus position.

The Florensi meditation bench features strong, magnetic locking legs and anti-slip feet so it can safely be placed on top of a Zabuton mat without slipping. Remove the cushion for a firmer seat, or add a Zafu for even more elevation.

Need elevated mindfulness on the go? This collapsible, lightweight bench comes with a beautiful, embroidered travel bag. Instantly pack it up and take it along to your next group meditation, tea ceremony, or prayer meeting.

About Florensi

No matter where you are in your yoga and meditation journey, Florensi is with you. 

We’re passionate about yoga and meditation because we understand the crucial role that they play in your health and well-being. 

That’s why we created a wide offering of beautiful, simple, products to make meditation and yoga even better.

Increase your flexibility and nail challenging poses with our Yoga Wheel Set, or add supported serenity to your routine with our silky Yoga Bolster

Enhance your meditation comfort with one of our Zafu or Zabuton Pillows, or add elevated support to your sanctuary with our collapsible Yoga Bench


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